Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Need help finding some gifts for outdoor adventurers? From survival kits to super powered flashlights, find something that they will enjoy. Gifts for outdoor enthusiasts should be useful, well built, and easy to pack along on their next adventure. Whether that is deep into the wilderness or just their backyard!

Survival Kit Gifts for Outdoor Adventures

A survival kit is a great gift for an outdoor enthusiasts. No two kits are alike most of the time, each one will have different components or unique features. Even if they already have a kit, or some of the same components, these survival kits usually contain essential tools and it never hurts to have an extra one just in case. After all, multiple contestants on History’s survival show Alone have proven that it is far too easy to lose your fire starter!

Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts – Let there be light!

Don’t let the fun end when the sun goes down. There are some amazing headlamps that will let you push further into the woods at night, or just help you see to setup camp after sundown. Pair that with some amazing rechargeable, multi-use camp lights and you’ll be prepared for whatever might go bump in the night. Lights with power banks let you keep your phone or other devices charged, imagine you run across Bigfoot and your phone is dead and you can’t get a picture!

We’re Knots About These Gifts for Outdoors

Keep your adventurer tied up with these perfect paracord gifts for outdoor activities. You can do so much with paracord, as you can see by the keychain carabiner and survival bracelets gift ideas. The outdoor projects book will teach them all about paracord, knots, and project details. If tying people things up is something your adventurer enjoys then paracord will be their new best friend. Check out the Type III Military 550 Paracord. Inside its multiple strands it contains integrated fishing line, multi-purpose wire, and waterproof fire tinder. How cool is that?

Gifts for Outdoor Pyromaniacs

Last but certainly not least, what is an outdoor adventure or backyard sleepover without a camp fire? Let them brush up on their wilderness survival skills so they learn how to build and start a fire. Then give them the proper tools. Either a trusty magnesium ferro rod, or a wicked cool USB rechargeable lighter that is windproof, waterproof, and shoots dual arcs of plasma instead of flames. Smores we come! Once the fire is going, it’ll be time for them to fill their belly so they’ll need a camp stove set to cook up all those fish they bought caught.