Hunting Gifts

Hunting Gifts for the Season

So, you are hunting gifts for hunters? Ha! The Guru is here with some great ideas to make your hunt, and theirs easier. If you are not a hunter yourself this task can be difficult, especially when most hunters buy the primary gear they need or want for themselves. Fortunately, there are many items that will make great hunting gifts. Items they need, gear they want to try out, or just things they use up over time. Listen to your hunter and see if they can provide you any clues. Do they often complain about some of the gear they use? Do they talk about how awesome something is that their hunting buddy has? Take those clues and look over our ideas below, you will find something great for your hunter, so they will be better prepared for opening day this year.

Safety First

As with everything in life, safety first! We are all familiar with blaze orange when it comes to hunting. While animals can’t see it, other hunters can which helps keep hunting safer. A new cap or jacket in blaze orange can be the best hunting gift you ever give. Other gear such as hand warmers and scent killers give them that ability to stay out longer in cold weather or improve their chance of getting “the big one.”

Scouting for Big Game

Help your hunter get the shot one way or another. Game cameras allow them to scope out their potential hunting areas to see what animal activity there is. The good thing about getting a trail camera as a hunting gift, even if they already have one, a second one is great for them to double down or have two spots under surveillance at the same time. For quick checking on the trail, card readers allow them to see whats going on and leave the camera operational without interruption.

Tools of the Trade

Every hunter needs some basic tools, a good set of binoculars for them to survey their hunting grounds or a range finder to help them line up the perfect shot. Maybe it is tools to help them kpep their other hunting gear in tip top condition. Sharpening stones for knives, cleaning kits for firearms. Basic tools such as these make for excellent hunting gifts.

Some Sharp Hunting Gifts!

Once they have made the shot and have their animal bagged, they will need to get the animal prepped and broken down bring out of the woods. Here is where a nice knife makes all the difference. Whether it is a smaller hunting knife set or a complete field dressing kit, knifes are like good hunting buddies, you can never have too many! If you would rather let them pick out their own hunting gifts you can always just get them a gift card.

Jerky Success!

What better way to celebrate a successful hunt then to enjoy some fresh jerky! If you have someone who loves hunting they probably love jerky also. Making your own jerky is relatively simple, but it is something that can be done in many ways and there are so many recipes and flavors to try. The jerky Bible will get them started on their jerky making adventure. A simple food dehydrator is all that is needed, however they do have other specialty tools and seasonings that are nice to have. Jerky cannons allow “Slim Jim” type jerky to be made from ground meat. Whether the means to make jerky or just some store bought packs, give them the best tasting hunting gifts this year. I recommend Jack Link’s Sweet & Hot!

Any hunter would appreciate some of our gifts for outdoors as well.