Tech Gifts for Men

Tech Gifts for Men

Finding the perfect tech gifts for your boyfriend, brother, or dad can be hard. They most likely already have all sorts of gadgets. The great thing about tech is that there is new stuff coming out all the time. No matter what their interest may be, the Guru knows they will always love the latest gadget or doohickey. So check out some of these ideas if your searching for tech gifts. They are sure to satisfy and none of them will break the bank!

Tech Gifts for the Kid at Heart

Having trouble finding tech gifts for your man, shocking! Literally shocking is a couple of these tech toys. Who has the fastest reaction time, hopefully you so you can shock your loved one! You can never go wrong with a RC Drone, or RC anything really. They are easy to fly and tons of fun, especially when they have video support.

Tunes for your Tech Lover

Everyone loves their music! It’s just a matter of whether you want them to play it so that you can hear it or keep it to themselves. Find the perfect gadgets for your music lover and you’ll be able to drop the mic knowing you nailed it! Depending on how well the recipient sings, you may want to get an extra pair of headphones!

Let there be Power!

Every tech guy has tons of gadgets and gear. Make sure they have the power to keep it all going with a power bank or just the right charging setup. Anymore we need to plug more things in via USB than traditional plugs. The surge strip with built in USB ports is the perfect answer. Our Outdoor Gifts article had some cool lights with power banks built in that would make a great tech gift.

Tablets, TV and more Tech Gifts!

The shear number of reviews don’t lie for these tech items. They are very popular and deserve to be mentioned and considered. Amazon’s Fire Tablet and Fire TV Stick are some inexpensive gifts that provide long lasting entertainment for your tech man.

Useful & Cool Tech Gifts

The last few ideas we’ll leave you with. Some unique but cool gifts regardless. We’re going to have to check out one of these Rocketbooks ourselves soon!