Running Gifts for Women

Running Gifts for Women

Finding running gifts for someone can tricky. Do you know their running style, their goals, or what they already have? For being a simple sport there are so many accessories and items available. Fortunately, all those items make great running gifts for her!

No worries if you don’t know her shoe size because there are plenty of gift options available. From basic necessities to tech gadgets, the Gurus have found a good selection of gift ideas that she will love to use during or after her run. Take a look!

Stay Safe, Stay Hydrated!

Two of the most important things to keep in mind for any runner is safety and staying hydrated. There are all sorts of safety lights and high visibility wearable items for runners to use while out on the road. For long distance runners, staying hydrated is critical. A light weight backpack is great for road and trail runners, allowing them to carry up to two liters of water. These packs also provide some extra storage and places to clip on those safety lights!

The Basics

So you may not know her shoe size, but maybe her socks or her shirt size? If you don’t, just take a peek when she is in the shower after her next run, we won’t tell. Compression items are very popular with runners and athletes in general, helping with swelling and blood flow during their runs or after. Lock Laces provide a simple easy way for her to turn all her running shoes into slip-ons without the need to every double knot those old laces ever again.

Tech Running Gifts!

Great tech gadgets can help her track her run and her vitals. With heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, smart watches are great running gifts. A built in pedometer helps track steps and distance while other features can include music management and call and text notifications. She can slip her phone in a nice arm or waist pouch and control everything right from her watch. The Gurus love their Garmin smart watches!

Motivating Music

Just like Rocky running up the stairs to the sound of “Gonna Fly Now” your girl can get her motivation on to her favorites tunes while she runs. Gone are the days where you need a MP3 player, phones can do it all now! So you just need a good pair of headphones. While completely wireless headphones are nice, for running we recommend some that are connected together. They are still wireless from the phone, just each ear piece is still connected. This helps in case one slips off or out of your ear during your run that you don’t completely lose it.

Research & Data Collection for Improvement

Everyone’s not a seasoned marathon runner. Some may just be starting out, thinking about making running a part of their life. Some of us prefer to just get out there and do it while others do their homework, read up on the topic at hand. Here are a couple great books on running that will help her learn new things or improve upon what she already knows. A perfect compliment to any book is a nice journal or log for notes and keeping track of progress and results. For anyone using running to improve their health, if they measure and record their results they are guaranteed to see change.

Rest & Recuperation After a Long Run

Help her get some great R&R after her long run in a hot bath with Epsom salts to sooth muscle pain, and relieve those aching feet. A massage roller mimics the fingers, palm, and thumb of a therapist’s hands. Allowing a great massage for those tired leg muscles and sore feet right in the comfort of her own room. She’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle that next run with more vigor and determination than before!

Reward Her with these Running Gifts

Let her show off her accomplishments with these running gifts. These ribbon and bib holders make great gifts for any dedicated runner. They can proudly display the bibs from their races and the ribbons and medals they have won as well. There are many different styles, colors, and options to choose from so take a look. And who doesn’t like to enjoy a celebratory drink later on after a race, even if it is a Mt. Dew! Let her pour it into this running themed wine glass which will be sure to spark many conversations.

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